Everything you need to know about document attestation for Qatar

If you need Australian documents for work or study in Qatar, your notarised documents will need to be attested by DFAT and then authenticated with the Qatar Embassy. But what if you’re interstate, overseas or need help understanding this lengthy process? That’s where we come in. Authentifier handles the entire process from start to finish to get attestation of documents with the Qatar Embassy ready for recognition by your employer or educational institution in Qatar.

Types of Australian documents requested for use in Qatar

The main types of Australian documents that need attestation before they can be legally accepted in Qatar include:

Educational documents such as degrees, certificates, diplomas, awards, academic transcripts and more.

Public documents such as birth/marriage certificates, National Police Certificate, ASIC, ATO and more.

Corporate documents such as shareholder agreements, partnership agreements and more.

Personal documents such as wills, power of attorney, statutory declaration and more.

How document attestation in Qatar works

The attestation process for Australian documents being used in Qatar requires the document to undergo a strict legal process:

1. Notarisation

This is the process of having a lawyer or notary public notarise the document via an attached notary seal. Authentifier has in-house lawyers that can handle this for you.

2. Authentication

Once the document has been notarised, it then needs to be sent to The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) so that is can be authenticated via a certificate of Authentication. We will manage this step for you as well.

3. Attestation

Now that your document has been notarised and authenticated, it requires legalisation which can only be done at the Qatar Embassy in Canberra. Authentifier will also handle this part of the process.

This 3 step process may seem complicated, but Authentifier makes it very simple, taking care of the entire process in the one place for a fixed-fee inclusive of all authentication and attestation fees.
The process to get attestation of documents with the Qatar Embassy can be arduous and, depending on your other commitments as you plan for your overseas adventure, quite time-consuming. Yet attestation is usually required for anyone looking to undertake further study or work in Qatar.


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