Who Needs Document Attestation Services?

International graduates returning home to work

If you’re an international student who has just graduated from an Australian Tertiary Institute and hope to return to your home country to seek employment, it is advisable to complete your degree attestation process before heading overseas. We particularly see international students in Australia from Thailand and India, who need to get attestation of documents in Australia before going home, but have had lots of inquiries for other countries too. If an employer requires you to have your degree attested and you haven’t done so before leaving Australia, the process can cost you twice as much and take twice as long.

International and local students travelling overseas to further their studies

Many foreign universities may require your degree and supporting educational certificates to be attested before considering you as a student at their institution. Whether you’re studying in the UK or in the UAE, educational institutions require you to attest your documents before you embark on your studies.

Local Australian graduates travelling overseas to work

In order to obtain a working visa in another country, your documents (e.g. degree, birth certificate, marriage certificate etc) may be required to complete the attestation process – notarisation, Australian Department of Foreign Affairs authentication and relevant foreign embassy’s legalisation. If you don’t get your documents attested before you leave Australia, you may be up for substantial costs and time in engaging a foreign legalisation agent. We see many Aussie workers heading over to Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, and a lot to Qatar, Thailand and other countires too.

Other attestation services that are sometimes requested

If you’re going to live overseas there are many situations that may require official document attestation. You may need to rent a house or open a bank account for example. These processes could require attested documents such as your Australian drivers licence, birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.

It is a good idea to check what you may need, as it differs for each country that you may travel to.

The issue is how and what you do with your documentation. If you want to use your documents for any official reason, then you should consider having them attested before you travel overseas to save you time, money, and stress.

reliable, fast, hassle-free document attestation

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