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The workplace is now well and truly global with many companies of all sizes now operating in multiple locations around the world. The host country in which your company is operating or about to operate in may require the attestation of the following corporate/business documents:

Our corporate attestation products have been successfully used by Australian multi-nationals in a number of overseas countries including the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Thailand, Iraq, Lebanon and China. While these are our most frequently requested destinations, we also offer document attestation for many other countries around the world.

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We are often requested to provide ID verification for Australian clients of overseas businesses. This is of particular importance in the finance industry for securities trading businesses and similar, where official verification of ID is an AML requirement for overseas banks and security companies catering for Australian clients.

Get in touch if you need Australian ID verification for your clients.


The process required for attestation varies depending on where in the world your document is needed. Get started to order everything you need and tick this task off your to-do list.


$2145 per document (incl. GST)
($1320 document fee
+ $825 UAE Embassy filing fee)


$1320 per document (incl. GST)


$550 per document (incl. GST)


$1320 per document (incl. GST)


$1320 per document (incl. GST)


$1320 per document (incl. GST)

ALL OTHER COUNTRIES (including Apostille Services)

Need corporate documents for somewhere else? Get started to select your country from the full country list.

Our all-inclusive pricing is unbeatable!

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Reliable, fast, hassle-free document attestation

Skip the embassy. Skip the DFAT queue. Skip the admin. Take the stress out of document attestation and let us manage the entire process for you.

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