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What does attestation mean?

To take the dictionary definition from Merriam-Webster, attestation means “An official verification of something as true or authentic.” This term is commonly used in relation to the legal witnessing of documents for verification purposes, also known as notarisation (get more definitions here). What is attestation in relation to legalisation of documents? In Australia, attestation refers

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Australians moving overseas

Aussies making the move to countries with better vaccination rates

Statistics from the Australian Border Force have indicated that the population is starting to take flight. Outbound travel exemption applications have increased by more than 50% between December 2020 and June 2021 with destinations like Europe, China and the Middle East, all becoming popular choices for Australians looking to escape their homeland. How do Australia’s

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Australians moving overseas

Has COVID-19 separated your family? Legalise your documents before you reunite

If you’re planning on moving overseas as soon as COVID-19 travel and border restrictions ease, now is the time to ensure you and your family have your essential documents legalised. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, governments around the world have taken action by closing their borders and restricting international travel. One significant impact of

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We’re still here for you… Our innovative business approach to online document legalisation allows us to continue to operate 24/7 whilst remaining compliant with current NSW COVID-19 restrictions. The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (DFAT), along with various embassies and consulates, including for the UAE and Qatar, remain open to accept documents for

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Who Needs Document Attestation Services | Authentifier document legalisation

Who Needs Document Attestation Services?

International graduates returning home to work If you’re an international student who has just graduated from an Australian Tertiary Institute and hope to return to your home country to seek employment, it is advisable to complete your degree attestation process before heading overseas. We particularly see students from China and India, who need to get

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Learning the lingo - attestation, authentication, legalisation | Authentifier document legalisation

Authentication. Attestation. Legalisation. What’s with all the lingo?

The Authentifier cheat sheet We get it, the language around what we do is super confusing. In Dubai they like the term ‘attestation’. In China it’s ‘authentication’. In other places it’s a bit of both. Authentication. Attestation. Legalisation. What do all these different terms mean? Here’s our cheat sheet for Authentifier terminology. Attestation An official

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What is an Apostille?

Depending on where in the world your document is needed, a simple Apostille Certificate may be all you need to get your docs legal. But what is an Apostille? And how do you know if you qualify?

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Degree attestation for new graduates | Authentifier document legalisation
Australian Education Documents

Degree attestation for new graduates

Just Graduated and Travelling Overseas for Work? If you’re reading this blog – Congratulations! You’ve probably just graduated or about to complete your studies here in Australia and embark on a new journey with your hard earned qualifications! You may need to get your degree attested for official use prior to departure. DON’T GET CAUGHT

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Document attestation for overseas travel | Authentifier document legalisation

Document attestation for overseas travel

In order to travel overseas and obtain the necessary visas (such as holiday or working visas) you need to ensure that you have all of your official documentation organised. In many cases, document attestation for overseas travel is mandatory, read below for examples of situations where legalised documentation might be requested. Below are some examples

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Australian Education Documents

Attestation certificates for international students

Are you an International Student? You need to get your certificate attestation done before returning home! Australia is often referred to as ‘The Lucky Country’ and many international students studying here on our green shores would agree!

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Authenticating Australian Government Documents | Authentifier document legalisation
Australian Government Documents

Authenicating Australian Government documents

So you’re moving overseas and you’ve been told you need to get your some documents authenticated. The main thing you need to know is that your docs need to be legal in order for you to be able to get where you’re going and do what you want to do.

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