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Our innovative business approach has left us well prepared for the changed working conditions imposed during this difficult time. This allows us to continue to operate 24/7 in support of our customers, whilst remaining compliant with current NSW COVID-19 restrictions.

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The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (DFAT), along with various embassies and consulates, including for the UAE, Qatar and China, remain open to accept documents for authentication and legalisation.

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Due to travel restrictions, departure from Australia and arrival at your destination may not be currently possible.

Having said that, our advice is for you to continue with your document legalisation process in order to be prepared for your journey as soon as these restrictions are lifted. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Many foreign governments require official documentation to be attested and legalised by its embassy before it can be of use. Common documents such as university degrees, birth and marriage certificates and National Police Certificates may need to be attested by a qualified Australian notary for use overseas.​

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None whatsoever. We do not even charge for disbursements. Our fixed fee is all you need to pay.

The turn around time for document certification depends on the selected process and how quickly the document can be processed by the relevant embassy or DFAT. We have many documents turned around in 24 hours, but due to the external departments involved can’t guarantee that (and no one could). When embassy or DFAT involvement is required, we turn things around at lightening speed at our end, but advise you to allow for 2–3 working weeks for their processing times.

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We take these incidents very seriously. We will immediately cease the authentication process and report the purported holder of the document to the relevant authorities for further civil and criminal actions.

We start work as soon as you upload your documents and pay, so there is no refund available.

  • The document that you require us to notarise, authenticate and legalise
  • If education certificate (e.g. degree), verification from the issuing institution
  • Copy of current passport of the holder of the document(s)
  • In most cases you don’t need to send any originals to us and copies can be uploaded quickly and easily using our online system.

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  • Cost of receiving, handling and dispatching your documents
  • Notary fees for notarisation of documents
  • DFAT’s authentication fees
  • Embassies’ legalisation fees
  • Tracking updates by email

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Authentication & Legalisation

  • Document and verification (for educational certificate, e.g. degree) examined
  • Document notarised by issuance of Notarial Certificate
  • Attend DFAT to obtain authentication
  • Attend relevant foreign embassy to obtain legalisation

Authentication & Legalisation (Original Documents Only)

  • Document and verification (for educational certificate, e.g. degree) examined
  • Attend DFAT to obtain authentication
  • Attend relevant foreign embassy to obtain legalisation

Legalisation of DFAT Authenticated Documents

  • Document and verification (for educational certificate, e.g. degree) examined
  • Attend relevant foreign embassy to obtain legalisation

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If you plan on living and working overseas, continuing your education or having your education officially recognised, you will require authenticated education documents such as your University Degrees, HSC and TAFE certificates etc.

There are several types of Australian education certificates from High School Certificates (HSC) issued by a State’s Board of Studies to degrees from Australian public universities. The type of education certificate and the location it needs to be used will determine the process of verification, notarisation, Australian Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT) authentication and legalisation from respective foreign embassies or consulates, if required.

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Public documents are usually issued by the relevant Australian government department or agency, e.g. birth certificates are issued by the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages and police clearance certificates by the Australian Federal Police or state police.

These documents are usually notarised, authenticated and legalised by a foreign embassy/consulate to be used formally in the relevant foreign country, e.g. in support of a work visa application.

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Corporate documents such as shareholders agreements, partnership agreements, and company constitutions and must be correctly authenticated in order to use them overseas.

Corporate documents can range from documents issued by corporations, e.g. deed of assignments, statutory declarations to those issued by government departments or agencies, e.g. ASIC reports and ATO tax statements. If corporate documents are to be legalised for intended use overseas, e.g. in the UAE, the fees are dependent on the type of document to be legalised. It is advisable to confirm before ordering if the type of document is indeed required for use in the foreign country given the higher fees imposed by respective embassies or consulates.

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Personal documents can include documents for identification purposes, e.g. your current passport, or a more formal document in the form of a Power of Attorney or Statutory Declaration.

The intended use of your personal documents will determine the type of services you require, e.g. notary to witness your Power of Attorney for use overseas or notarisation, authentication and legalisation of a copy of your current passport to support your visa application for work in a foreign country.

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If your questions aren’t covered in the FAQ, feel free to Contact Us.

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