Degree attestation for new graduates

Just Graduated and Travelling Overseas for Work?

If you’re reading this blog – Congratulations! You’ve probably just graduated or about to complete your studies here in Australia and embark on a new journey with your hard earned qualifications! You may need to get your degree attested for official use prior to departure.


You may need to get your degree attested for official use prior to departure. Failure to properly get your degree attested with the correct regulatory bodies prior to your departure could mean that your degree cannot be used for official purpose overseas!

Getting your document properly authenticated is not as easy as you think. There are quite a few steps involved after the basic stamping and notarisation of your document. These include verification of certification from your university, DFAT authentication and Embassy legalisation.

The better option is to go through the process of degree attestation – degree notarisation, DFAT authentication and foreign embassy legalisation, before you leave Australia. Here are some points to keep in mind:

  • Most traditional notaries are happy to stamp your documentation for you – but most will not have packaged services that include the whole degree attestation process.
  • The degree attestation process required in correctly notarising, authenticating and legalising your degree needs to be followed precisely in order to avoid unnecessary delay and additional costs.
  • There are several regulatory bodies that you need to deal with in order to get your degree properly attested, all of which have their own processes and procedures which are regularly updated – so you need to keep abreast of these changes.
  • If you leave Australia before getting your degree attested, it will cost you more time and money to have them done when you are overseas.

Does this all sound too hard? It’s a complicated process that is regularly changing. At Authentifier we understand graduates, and have specially tailored packages to suit your individual attestation needs. By choosing a fixed fee package you can be assured that we’ll stamp your document, deal with each of the regulatory bodies on your behalf, perform all necessary legal requirements to properly legalise your certifications and then return your authenticated documents to you in a timely manner.

Part of this understanding is providing our Fixed Fee Attestation Service that encompasses everything you need to get your document attestation process right first time round!

We appreciate that most students operate on a pretty tight budget with every hard earned penny spent with care. This is why we’re different to other generic notary services.

Take a look at most notaries in Australia and you’ll find:

  1. There are no notary companies in Australia that specifically tailor services for students
  2. Whilst many notaries are happy to stamp your document, most do not have packaged services to make sure that your certifications are properly authenticated with the necessary regulatory bodies.
  3. There are often extra or ‘hidden’ costs involved beyond the basic notarisation of your document. These might include charges for ‘disbursements’ such as postage or printing, as well as ‘billable hour’ fee structures that can become quite costly in the long term.

With our fixed fee packages we offer certainty to graduates so no indefinite ‘billable hours’ or nasty surprises like hidden fees or extra ‘disbursements.’ This means you have the security to plan ahead and budget, knowing that once payment is made and your documents submitted, we’ll take care of the rest.

With our Fixed Fee Attestation Service you’ll enjoy:

  • Greater Certainty and Peace of Mind – depending on what level of package you choose, you can be assured that the outcome will be a properly legalised document
  • Efficient Service – because we’re a fixed fee service we need to be efficient and economical with you benefiting from our effective processes
  • Predictability – We’re transparent in what we do, how we do it and what you’ll receive for each package you choose
  • Better Budgeting – You’ll know exactly how much you’ll need to spend to get the outcome you desire, allowing you to budget accordingly

Click HERE for more information on our Fixed Fee Attestation Service!

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